Introducing the Super 8
16 voice polyphonic synthesizer
Super. Evolved.


Super 6 Firmware Update
Version 1.0
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SuperTouch 49
Super 6 keyboard upgrade
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Back in Black
Super 6 Desktop limited edition
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Super Gemini
20 voice polyphonic synthesizer
Another level


Every UDO instrument has our core belief at it’s heart: the power of play. We make electronic musical instruments that foster a deep and inspiring connection with the player. Using cutting-edge technology and research, paired with intuitive user-centric design, we create objects that are both sonically powerful and unapologetically enjoyable.

Super Gemini
20 Voice Binaural Synthesizer
Super 8
16 Voice Binaural Synthesizer
Super 6
12 Voice Binaural Synthesizer
Super 6 Desktop
12 Voice Binaural Desktop Synthesizer
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“There is a magic in synthesizers, a detail between the lines, in the space between the traces of copper, and the complex interactions of code and fabrications of metal. If we are lucky, when we play we can find ourselves in a state of flow, able to comfortably put aside the challenges of our inner world and the wider world beyond, and become completely focused on the singular joy of what we find ourselves engaged with.”