Super 6 Firmware Update - v0.27

UDO Community,

We know that there has been much anticipation surrounding the next firmware update for the Super 6 - we are all very excited to let you know that v0.27 is now available!

Included in this update:

- MIDI CC/NRPN Send & Receive from all controls (besides some modal controls such as PATCH (1-8 & A-H), WAVE, SHIFT etc...)
- Dramatic increase in resolution & precision of knob and fader controls with dynamic smoothing
- Fully variable Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
- Pan spread control in 12-voice mode
- Added Decay Hold phase to envelope generators ENV1 and ENV2

Plus many more features and bug fixes. Download the v0.27 release notes to read through the full list of changes.

A lot of hard work has gone into this update, we feel that it brings the Super 6 up towards the level that it should be at. There is a lot of untapped potential inside the Super 6 and we are now one (large) step closer to taking full advantage of it.