Super 6 Firmware Update - v0.52

We know that there's been much anticipation surrounding the next firmware update for the Super 6 - we are all very excited to let you know that v0.52 is now available for download on our website!

Included in this update:

- MPE Implementation

- Delay Freeze

- Polyphonic LFO2

- Binaural PWM

... plus a wealth of additional features and improvements; you can scroll through them all in the V0.52 Release Notes. There's also an updated Manual Addendum for those of you ready to get straight into the nitty-gritty.

If you're all set to get stuck in with MPE, we've just released two videos on YouTube breaking down the set-up of a Roli or Linnstrument controller with the Super 6 Synthesizer. You can find these on our channel.