Meet The Team - Leonid Uljanov

To our UDO Subscribers,

Hopefully you know about the Super 6, but do you know who builds them?
Leonid Uljanov
Production Manager
Leonid Uljanov grew up in Bolderāja, an area on the outskirts of Riga in Latvia. From his point of view, it wasn't a musically rich place - with little-to-none in terms of synthesizer shops. Still, Leo spent his teenage years playing the drums in multiple bands, going on to experiment with any synthesizers he could get his hands on.

In 2013, Leo decided that a move to the U.K. would be an opportunity for him to broaden his horizons and learn more about his newfound passion of synthesizers. So, he signed up for a university course at 'dBs Music' in Bristol, the perfect city to hone in on this walk of life.

Leonid came to UDO Audio at the start of 2021 with lots of valuable manufacturing experience gained from previous employment as well as plenty of desire and passion for the company. Since then, he has spent the last year developing his organizational skills and technical knowledge to become our Production Manager.

The role of Production Manager is one of many facets. Besides keeping the plants well watered and spending time manufacturing the instruments themselves, Leo must work hard to ensure that we keep a steady stock of the components we require to continue production. This includes regular communication with our suppliers for the procurement of materials, as well as providing vital feedback on quality in order to keep our standards up to the level that we expect.
Leo's testing patch in Max/MSP
Leo has also spent time developing test programs for our production line in order to assist our test engineers. The latest development being a Max/MSP patch that allows us to test each control on the new Super 6 Desktop. It works by listening out for MIDI CC / NRPN messages from an assembled instrument, signaling when each control has exercised its full possible range - pretty smart Leo!