Hazel Mills & the Super 6 - The Modulation Matrix

Modulation matrices can often be an intimidating beast with many complex features – trust us, we know from experience! When designing the Super 6 we tried to make the modulation options as convenient and immediate as possible without the need for menu diving.

To achieve this, we implemented a few predetermined modulation routings as well as fixed sources and destinations in the modulation matrix. To provide you with more flexibility, we ensured that each sound shaping module can be used in multiple ways, ultimately conveying one of the Super 6's core philosophies: Whenever you think you might be running out of oscillators, LFOs or envelopes, there is often a way of achieving what you intended by using some modules beyond their primary purpose. After all, we firmly believe that certain limitations will always spark your creativity.

We hope the video inspires you to further explore the potential of your Super 6. If you would like to try any of Hazel’s patches demonstrated in the video, you can download them from our website over here.